Winter Soul Revised!


It took me 5 months – even a hospitalization – but I have finally finished revising my complete novel Winter Soul which is book one of the Death Walkers I blog about in the  I started the revision back in November 2012 and finished it in late March 2013.  And I must say I have never felt so much more sure and happy for this novel.

This is the BEST novel I’ve written up to date.  And my skills as a writer will only improve with each passing novel I pen.

I have also given it back to the agent who first requested the R&R (Revise & Resubmit) so now I just wait.  And even if I am rejected in the end it will only serve for me to push forward.  I KNOW that this book and its series needs to be shared!

Apologies Part II

Some of you can tell that I haven’t been on for a few months.  I apologize for that.  In November I was given the task of doing an R&R for a potential agent.  Also in January of the new year I was hospitalized for pneumonia and diabetic kedoacidosis which can be fatal.

And almost was…

However, though I am still working on my R&R, I will make it a priority to pay more attention to the blog as well.  Thank you for continuing to support and watch this blog.

I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Power Outages and Coffee

I apologize for not being able to add a new post for two days. There was a nasty storm here in Maryland. Two million people out of power and I, being one of them, couldn’t access my internet. With things back to business, I should be able to start getting back to normal and adding more posts.

In better news, my boyfriend and I went to Starbucks yesterday and made an Aeye. He was my guinea pig and happily enjoyed the first Aeye ever made! This particular one was strong in the Hazelnut so we decided to go buy a dark fench vanilla roast and a bottle of vanilla pumps from Starbucks to attempt to experiment in perfecting the Aeye.

Still he loved the Aeye so I will continue to make more. If anyone else who wants to try please tell me your stories and experiences. Even what you think of the drink itself and I will continue adding more food and drink from my novel for all of you who are curious even to try them out.

Thank you!

Enter the Neutral Plains

Good evening!

Right now I’m writing in a Books-A-Million.  They seem to be affiliates of Barnes and Noble though they appear more Borders-like.  Anyway…

My name is Kathryn Faye or at least that’s my pseudonym used on my novel series “Death Walkers.”  I know you are probably wondering where the hell it is in the stores… well it’s not in them yet!  One day… that is my hope.  What this blog serves for me is a chance to talk about my Death Walkers… interview them and the books and also to enjoy reading and commenting on other books that I get my hands on.

ALL books!  Not just mine!

With that said… why “Neutral Plains.”  Well the Neutral Plains is a holding cell or a Purgatory shall we say for spirits that have not been born yet or are seeking to claim rebirth.  The judgment place in my little world.  It is also where the Revenants originated.

Revenants are ghosts that, for whatever reason, decided they did not want to accept their fate of death and believe that if they consume enough soul energy they will regenerate their decomposing bodies and live again.  Guess what… it WORKS!

Now the gods find this irritating to their plan, especially since it was one of them who created these abominations.  Therefore, to counter-act and protect their precious humans, they create the Death Walkers.  Together they are neutral spirits who had never experienced life and the bias of being human, and were recruited to become beings who were charged to safely escort innocent spirits back to the Neutral Plains AND to hunt down and eliminate the Revenant abomination.

The god who created the Revenants, seeing this, rebelled and breached the barrier to let the Revenants on Earth.  Now Death Walkers must be born into human bodies to destroy them before they destroy the humans, thereby forcing an apocalypse of sorts.  Three major problems with that:

1. To be born on Earth, each soul was split into TWO Death Walker beings on Earth

2. Each Death Walker only has 5,000 years of life on Earth

3. They must find their Soul – other half – to bring more Death Walkers in

Not all find their Souls.  When they do not all can keep them.  Some are even forced to slay their Souls.  One thing is certain… if the Death Walkers lose this battle, it won’t be just the humans who face annihilation…